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Chaves and Bono kiss and make up after spat

Readers will be pleased to hear that after their little spat yesterday over whether it is time for the old guard of the PSOE to stand aside for a new generation, Manuel Chaves and José Bono have publically kissed and made-up.

The President of the PSOE and the President of Congress declared themselves to be “great friends” this morning, in a bid to downplay the appearance of rifts at the heart of the socialist party.

“Pepe Bono and I are great friends,” Chaves declared at a breakfast meeting this morning, “and sometimes between friends there are unnecessary tiffs”.

Their row had come after Bono decided not to put himself forward for re-election at the forthcoming general election, preferring to hand over to a new generation of socialist leaders. Chaves, the current President of the PSOE and Vice President of the Government, took offence and seemed to accuse Bono and others of throwing in the towel now that victory seems difficult.

Another one bites the dust – and Chavés has had enough

We noted earlier that serving ministers were jumping ship and not seeking reelection at an alarming rate. As we mentioned before, this emphasises how low morale is in the PSOE camp, and how unlikely victory seems even for those at the very top. It is also a very poor reflection on their belief in their own presidential candidate, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba.

Now the announcement of José Bono (left), the President of the Congress, that he will not seek reelection and his suggestion that the old guard of the PSOE should make way for a younger generation has finally made one of Rubalcaba’s loyal lieutenants flip his lid. Manuel Chavés, the current Third Vice President of the Government and President of the PSOE, has hit out at colleagues who are throwing in the towel for an easier life. “It is easy,” he said this afternoon, “to give up when a large hole has opened in the boat.”

“I believe that everyone is needed – including Mr Bono,” he continued. “I am the President of the Socialist Party and I have a responsibility; nobody in my party would understand if I were to give up now”.

Nobody, that is, except Bono…or Salgado…or Sebastián…etc…