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Aznar warns Eurozone faces break-up because of “bad decisions”

Former Prime Minister of Spain, José María Aznar, has warned that the European Union is facing a severe and profound crisis because of the “very bad decisions” taken by its leaders in recent years.

Speaking in Washington, the former conservative premier who served between 1996 and 2004 said: “Europe is going through a very deep crisis, but we are capable or coming out of it. There is a serious risk that the European Union as we know it today could be unsustainable [because of] very bad decisions taken in recent years”.

The “wrong decisions” of the EU which Aznar alluded to were:

–    Tying itself up in endless institutional debates which have impeded the ability to see the economic reality clearly.

–    Forgetting necessary compromises and not respecting established rules and procedures.

–    Ignoring the seriousness and the depth of the economic crisis.

These errors, Aznar suggested, could lead to the possible “disintegration” of the Eurozone.

His speech can be read in full here (available only in Spanish)