Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón


Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón – Minister of Justice


Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón - Minister of Justice

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón Jiménez was named Minister of Justice on 22nd December 2011 by the newly elected Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.Prior to his ministerial appointment, Gallardón served as President of the autonomous Community of Madrid from 1995-2003, and as Mayor of Madrid from 2003-2011.

Gallardón was born in Madridon 11th December 1958 and studied law before becoming a civil servant. Politically active from a young age Gallardón was first elected as a councillor in Madrid in 1983, rising up through the ranks to become the spokesman of the Grupo Parlamentario Popular in the Senate.

In 1995 he was chosen as the Partido Popular’s candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid in the regional elections, which he went on to win with an absolute majority. His mandate was renewed by the electorate in 1999. In 2003, at the request of the then-Prime Minister, José María Aznar, Gallardón ran for the office of Mayor of Madrid, pitting himself against the socialist candidate Trinidad Jiménez, who also happened to be a distant cousin.

Gallardón won the mayoralty with an absolute majority, and went on to do so again in the 2007 and 2011 municipal elections.

Ahead of the General Election of 2011 Gallardón was placed number 4 of the PP’s electoral list for Madrid – a position his own father had held for the first elections after the transition to democracy in 1977. With the PP’s landslide victory Gallardón was duly elected to the Congress of Deputies.

On 22nd December 2011, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy appointed Gallardón to the position of Minister of Justice. He then resigned his position of Mayor of Madrid and the City Council chose Ana Botella, wife of former premier Aznar, to take over.



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