Jorge Fernández Díaz

Jorge Fernández Díaz – Minister of the Interior


Jorge Fernández Díaz - Minister of the Interior (photo:

Jorge Fernández Díaz is currently Spain’s Minister of the Interior.

Born on the 6th April 1950 in Valladolid, Fernández Díaz was actually raised in Barcelona. He studied Industrial Engineering and subsequently worked as an engineer and work safety inspector as a civil servant.

In 1983 he was elected leader of the Barcelona regional branch of Alianza Popular, and that same year he was voted in to office as a councillor on the City Council.

In 1984 Fernández Díaz was elected as a deputy to the Catalan Parliament, and again in 1988, although this time for the newly formed Partido Popular. From 1986-89 he also served as a Senator.

In the General Election of 1989 Fernández Díaz was elected to the Congress of Deputies as a representative of Barcelona, and thus resigned his roles in the Senate and regional politics. He has been re-elected to the Congress at every subsequent General Election.

During the two Aznar administrations Fernández Díaz held briefs at Secretary of State level, including: Territorial Administration; Education, Universities, Research and Development; and Relations with the Cortes Generales.

From 2008-2011 Fernández Díaz served as one of the Vice Presidents of Congress. He returned to Government as Minister of the Interior in December 2011, at the invitation of the newly appointed Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.

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